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Deposit System
Deposit System
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Deposit System is our original system like a bank account, and you can check payment information easily anytime.

This system is connected with Paypay and enable you to make quick and safe payment.

  • What is Paypal?
    PayPal works in 190 countries and regions, and in 21 currencies - loved across the globe for its security. Shop confidentally home and abroad with the online payment service used by eBay, the world's largest auction site.

    Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
  • Can I use my balance for all payment?
    Yes, you can. Your balance can be used for all payments such as service fee or shipping fee.
  • How can I withdraw my balance to Paypal account?
    1. Login to your member's page. (https://www.japan-auction-agency.com/system/login.php)
    2. Click "Withdraw" button on front page.
    3. Fill out and submit Refund Request Form.

    We normally refund your requested amount within 24 hours.

    We refund your balance with using PAYPAL's refund function. This refund function is available within 60 days from last payment. Refund requests past 60 days will be processed through Send Money function. In this case, a refundable amount is deducted PAYPAL transaction fee3.2%+40yen over total refund amount.

    Your balance: 5000yen
    PAYPAL transaction fee (3.2%+40yen): 200yen
    Refundable amount: 5000-200=4800yen


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