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Temporary Item Storage
Temporary Item Storage
To save your shipping cost...
You can reduce the cost of your shipping fees by having your items shipped together. JAA can store your items and ship them together at the time of your choice.
  • Storage period is one month after goods arrival.
  • JAA does not recommend the storage of items which may change in quality during the period of storage. JAA takes no responsibility for items that change in quality during storage.
  • JAA cannot ship multiple items together if they will exceed the size and weight specifications of the shipping method you chose. Please be aware that in such cases we will send your items separately.
  • In case that storage period expired, a notice email will be sent to your registered email address. Please send us a shipping request or make a shipping fee payment. If our notice emails disregarded, your storage items will be disposed or storage fee will be charged.
Q & A
How can I choose this storage option?
You can choose storage option at one-click.
Please check the "Storage" box on order forms when ordering.
How can I send a shipping request for storage goods?

You can send us a shipping request from your member's page.
Please take following steps after logging in to your member's page.

1. Login to your member's page.
2. Point cursor to Storage tab and click storage list.
3. Check the box what you want to ship.
4. Submit a shipping request form.

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