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Car Import
  • JAA's Address
  • Item Inspection
  • Prohibited Exports
  • Prohibited Imports
  • Order Cancellation
  • Goods Exchange or Return
  • Domestic Shipping Delay
JAA's Address

To use this service you must enter JAA's Address when filling out the order form on the auction site or online shop where you are making your bid or purchase.

Item Inspection
JAA Shipping Service does not have a free service of Item Inspection.
Prohibited Exports

Items prohibited from export from Japan that JAA cannot deal with.
Click here to check further details.

Prohibited Imports

Some type of merchandises may be prohibited or restricted for import in your country. If you order an item which is prohibited for import in your country, JAA will decline your order.

Please thoroughly check the goods which are prohibited for import in your country before placing an order. We recommend checking with the customs department in your country for the most up to date information on prohibited imports.

Order Cancellation

Please note that we do not accept order cancellation once we placed bid on the auction. If you wish to cancel your order, please email us before we place bid.

Goods Exchange or Return
In case of JAA Shipping Service, we do not accept goods exchange or return to JAA regardless of any reasons or circumstances. JAA Shipping Service is a Shipping Only Service, and we are not responsible on the item condition.
Domestic Shipping Delay
Domestic shipping may be delayed due to Japanese Holidays during the following periods: Dec.30-Jan.3, Apr.30-May.5, and Aug.12-15.