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Payment Method

  JAA only accept a payment through PAYPAL.
The safer, easier way to make a payment by customer around the world.
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Service Fee Payment and Overseas Shipping Fee Payment
  You have two payments until you receive a payment.
Please confirm the following details.
Service Fee Payment
Deposit System
  JAA adopts a "Deposit System" on service fee payment.
How can I make a deposit?
    You have two ways to make a deposit.
  1. Send a Deposit Request from your member's page.
    If you want to know how to send the form, click here.
  2. Place your order
    As soon as we confirmed your order, we will send you an invoice through PAYPAL. After your payment confirmed, the amount you paid will be transfered to your JAA's deposit amount and approved your order.
How 's going to do my money in the case of unsuccessful bid on Auction Service?
    In the case of unsuccessful bid, JAA will return the whole amount you paid to your JAA's deposit amount.
What about the case that you can make a successful bid cheaper than my bid price?
    In the case, JAA will calculate it and return the difference(Item Price, Commission, and transaction fee) to your JAA's deposit amount.
Can I use the deposit amount for next order?
    Yes, you can,
In case, the order cost is higher than your deposit amount, we calculate and only charge you the difference.
Overseas Shipping Fee Payment
  After completing a packing, we will send you a shipping invoice through PAYPAL.
Can I use my JAA's deposit amount on a shipping fee?
    No, you can't.
We need a shipping receipt on PAYPAL so we kindly ask you to complete a shipping payment and service fee payment separately.
How much a shipping cost to my country?
    If you know a approximately weight, we are able to answer the shipping cost. However, an exact shipping cost cannot notify you until the package arrived to JAA since a shipping cost changes by the 100g.
If you want to check an estimated shipping cost, please click here.
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