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Goods Inspection
Goods Inspection
We inspect your goods after item arrival.
This is a free service provided only by JAA.
In case, damage or wrong shipment are confirmed in inspection, we will contact to the seller and ask goods return, exchange, or refund.
  • This service is only for Auction Service and Online Shop Service.
    JAA Shipping Service is not applied this service.
  • Our inspection does not cover as follows.
    • In the case of orders that have multiple parts (for example model kits or jigsaw puzzles) we cannot count the individual parts to ensure that none are missing.
    • We cannot test electronic devices.
    • We cannot confirm the authenticity of your items.
  • "No Claim No Return" or used items do no inspect conidtions. We only check a correct item or not.
  • Please understand that we do not have enough knowledge in speciist areas so we will mainly inspect the item conditions with using pictures provided by the seller.
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